We combine creativity and precision to design and produce high-quality yarns that are the ideal basis for home textiles and apparel fabrics.

Fashion trends that emerge globally are implemented at the regional level in the various markets. We have the know-how, the facilities and the creative diversity to deliver select, top-class yarns for the fashion industry for both domestic and international customers. 

Our covered yarns are used to produce fashion hosiery (ladies and socks), active wear, medical & therapeutic apparel, gloves, knit & woven narrow fabrics and circular knit fabrics.  Covered yarns include both conventional single and double covered yarns as well as air covered yarns. 

  • Spandex range – 10 to 1120 denier spandex yarns are currently in production, and we can run higher counts over 1600 denier. 
  • Covering yarn range – most of our production uses filament nylon or polyester as covering yarns – 5 denier to 200 denier have been our normal range and we can run higher counts over 800 denier. 
  • Wrap Levels -- for conventional covering, our wrap levels range from 2.4 to 100 turns per inch in currently produced yarn items.

The company also makes quality sewing threads and plied yarns.

Whether textured covered, dyed or twisted – we offer solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.