Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA is committed to environmentally responsible practices throughout its operations and to encourage its staff to observe similar practices in their personal lives.  The company’s objective is to comply with all environmental regulations and to specifically adhere to the MSDS system and Tier II Reporting with the county chemical planner.

Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA recycles 98% of its waste stream.

Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA has encouraged its covered yarn customers to recycle their paper tubes by returning empty tubes for reuse or recycle.

Zimmermann-Dynayarn USA recycles the following categories of materials:

  • Hard Plastic, Plastic Bags and Shrink Wrap
  • Yarn Waste
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Corrugated and Paper Tubes
  • All Office Paper Products
  • Metals
  • Break Area Waste
  • Batteries, Fluorescent Tubes, Oils, Ballasts, Electronics