Improving customer performance by successfully offering innovative, yarn-based, market driven solutions.



Entrepreneurial Spirit
Create innovative opportunities for personal growth and advancement to remain competitive in the global marketplace through collective enthusiasm, teamwork, creativity and shared vision. Fully utilize the expertise and capabilities of our people, intimately involving them in the development, implementation and fulfillment of strategic and operating plans. Create and continuously improve manufacturing, product development, sales and customer service processes which give us a strategic advantage in the market.

Customer Perception
Continue to be the preferred vendor in the marketplace by delighting our customers – being recognized as a company of high integrity and dependability – flexible, responsive, innovative and environmentally/socially responsible.

Quality and Value
Produce products and services which provide the greatest value to our customers while achieving the lowest costs consistent with high quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Business Partnerships and Controlled Growth
Continue to cultivate long-term partnerships with customers of the future, assisting them in the steady growth of their businesses while maintaining financial and strategic control of ours.

Profitable and Sustainable Growth
Building business which:  returns better than cost of capital, creates a competitive advantage, generates opportunities for expansion and provides a fair return to our partners.